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Its OK to ask for help.


Storage Design Limited should be able to help !

We receive many enquiries where customers wish to match existing products, this is not normally a problem provided we have an image to identify the product correctly.

Lockers: We currently supply lockers from 12 different factories, this means we should be able to match your specific requirements. - Send us a picture and quote requirements and we will respond.

Pallet Racking: When you consider there are approximately 50 different pallet racking systems available in the UK and Europe, some current and some obsolete this can cause correct identification a problem. - Send us a picture and we should be able to identify it. 

Plastic Containers and Small Parts Bins: We have been supplying plastic containers and small parts bins for over 26 years. We have a depth of knowledge so we can quickly identify products. Most injection moulded products will have a product name and serial number imbossed which is a useful starting point. Many plastic companies have been purchased and rationalised over the years so some brand names have been lost but we should know where to source these, names like Tanks & Drums, Metabin, Paxton, Perstorp Plastic Systems, Sono, Arca, Allibert and Linpac.

Bespoke Products: With access to CNC and other more traditional fabrication we should be able to help, We often supply bespoke products made to customers requirements, such as shelf dividers, extra large shelf trays, short height lockers. Please send us your requirements and we will quote.

WITH OVER 100 ADDITIONAL PRODUCT CATALOGUES - we should be able to help!   


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